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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers



  • How do I place an order for fit meals?
    • If you are wanting just one or two meals come through the drive thru at Burger Depot and order your meals just like ordering a burger.
      • You can request to have your meals heated then (default), or request to have one or both chilled to take with you for later.
      • You can call ahead your order (256-275-7435) and have it waiting on you when you arrive.
    • If you are wanting a meal plan you simply order the meals you want on the website.
      • Order 10 to 20 meals and receive 10% off discount from your ticket total. As of right now, this is the only meal plan option we have. If interested in more than 20 meals at once call for customized pricing.
  • How long with the Fit Meals last after purchased?
    • Fit meals will last approximately five to seven days in the refrigerator. BUT we recommend if you are not going to consume them in the first three days, then freeze them. We personally take the meals out of our freezer the night before and put them on the counter to defrost or in the refrigerator over night for the following day. The containers we use are BPA free, freezer friendly, dishwasher safe, and reusable.
  • How should I heat my meals?
    • We recommend 2 to 2.5 minutes in the microwave if defrosted. All meals are fully cooked, so it just depends on personal preference with how hot they are.
  • Where are the nutritional facts for each meal?
    • We are currently working on getting accurate macro break downs for each meal. Should be available by months end.
  • What is the price range for the meals.
    • Most cases the meals range from 6.50 to 8.50 prices will be updated on the menu with nutritional facts.
  • Do we have a low carb option?
    • Yes, most of our meals are lower in carbs (25 or less), but you can request double vegetables on our custom meal options and get KETO approved meals.
  • Do we have a deliver option?
    • Yes, as of right now we offer deliver through Shoals Takeout, ONLY on Mondays. Please place order by the Saturday before delivery at 12 noon. Shoals Takeout will deliver on Monday and there will be a $5 flat rate paid to them on delivery.
  • When will my meals be ready after ordered?
    • Usually we can do same day to next day pickup depending on order size and volume of other customers in front of you. As a good rule of thumb we advocate you place your order two days before you need it, to ensure proper timing.

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